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ANGMODNES - Rot Of The Soul (DigiCD)

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ANGMODNES is a Doom Metal band formed in 2013 in Utrecht (The Netherlands).
The band was formed by the collaboration of Y.S. (Wilds Forlorn, Apotelesma), M.V. (Apotelesma, Koudvuur) and F.S.  Tragic, anguished and desperate sounding, Angmodnes came into being as the despondent offshoot of another band, Apotelesma.
After the well received debut 'The Weight Of Eternity', released in 2022, which featured mostly material written nine years earlier, Y.S. And M.V. found themselves rediscovering a love for all things slow and unexpectedly tapped into a wellspring of inspiration.
Following in the wake of 'The Weight Of Eternity', 'Rot Of The Soul' builds upon the style and atmosphere present on the debut while at times venturing beyond the typical territories of doom metal.
Spanning over 55 minutes, it takes the listener on a journey through the mind of someone suffering from severe depression, haunted by existential dread and sinking ever deeper into a mire of negation and worldly rejection.
F.S., whose ethereal, haunting vocals could already be heard on The Weight of Eternity, lent her voice once more for the new album. With her vocals being such an integral part of the sound of Angmodnes, it was time to fully bring F.S. into the fold as a band member.