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CALLIOPHIS - Liquid Darkness (2 x 12")

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First press! / 2 x 12" / 180g / black OR transcrystal OR transred vinyls / gatefold cover / ltd. editions of 100 copies / colour!

After four years German Death Doom Metal act CALLIOPHIS releases its third full length album LIQUID DARKNESS, which is a consistent continuation of the album before COR SERPENTIS from 2017.

Both on sound and songwriting, with the six songs the band goes one step further and presents its very own interpretation of heavy but melodic Death Doom Metal. The focus is on atmospheric and dark parts, always intensified by the distinctive growls. Again some lyrics are inspired by international fables and myths. „Krakonoš” is based on the saga of Rübezahl, a spirit of the Giant Mountains in Czech Republic. „The Art of Shudder“ is inspired by the well-known fable “The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was” and with the song “Munk (Warm Heart)” CALLIOPHIS brings its Munk trilogy, based on “The Heart of Stone”, to an end.

LIQUID DARKNESS was mixed and mastered at the prestigious Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany (e.g. Ahab, Black Shape of Nexus, Omega Massif)