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HEAVEN OF SHADOWS - Endless Journey (CD)

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Salvo Mangiaglia is the only member of the "Heaven of shadows" Project living in Sicily. He studied piano as a child, his influences are varied and range from classical music to Gothic, Doom, Dark metal, but also very different genres such as Retro Wave and Cyber Punk. Various of these influences can be felt in his compositions even if he tries to give a personal setting by searching for always different sounds and atmospheres.
The "Heaven of Shadows" project was born with the idea of proposing and making known his music and his sensations to others and he decided to take care of everything for maximum freedom of expression. The first "Endless Journey" work is the beginning of this musical journey.
Endless journey is the first album by Heaven of Shadows, a journey through the misty forests and the darkness that hides inside each of us, where the keyboards draw dark atmospheres, which accompany the gothic metal rhythms. 11 tracks that will guide you on a melancholy journey. For fans of doom and atmospheric black metal. The voice behind this project is Andrea Tileni from FEAR OF ETERNITY !