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LORD OF SHADOWS - Echoes Of Yore (DigiCD)

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LORD OF SHADOWS is a Gothic Doom metal one man project runs by the lyricist and bandleader Shadows Valentine.

The project is brought to life by phenomenal performances of well-known guest vocalists and musicians.

LORD OF SHADOWS' debut album, 'Echoes of Yore', is a monolithic tribute to the Gothic Doom genre by a collection of artists that have gathered in the orbit of Valentin.
To bring Shadows' lyrics to life, Mike Lamb (Sojourner/Remina/Light Field Reverie) wrote and recorded 7 tracks of pure Gothic Doom wreathed in the phenomenal performances of guest vocalists Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian/Remina/Light Field Reverie/ex-ISON), Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride), and Emilio Crespo (Sojourner).
Together these elements provide a showcase for Shadows' lyrics to weave a tragic story of love, loss, and sorrow.

'Shadows' says about the album: "The album 'Echoes of Yore' is meant to overpower both the sacred and the profane, in order to establish itself as self-aware, redeeming its own existence at the very edge of doom genre itself... Following the hourglass of memories, from 'Her lips were poetry and doom...' through to 'Your blood weighs heavy...', each song is inspired by my own life and is connected to the next one, to form one sorrowful story of love and the acceptance of one's fate."

More than this, 'Echoes of Yore...' builds its own universe of tragedy and doom, and offers the final surrender to the chaotic nature of the artist. Left with nothing more than the memory of her, having extinguished half of his own twin-flame, where the perception of love and death become equal to each other: her kiss means sacrifice, his art shall be the penance...