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Dark Age Productions

MØRKE OG LYS - Orcus Animus (Tape)

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Black & white pro cover / transparent tape with sticker

On the next chapter of this musical journey Mørke Og Lys with the album Orcus Animus Volva Èrkyna plods inside the misty dark forests eleven days after the rainfall, to hunt for clammy poisonous mushrooms so she may brew her magical potions and spread utter mayhem upon the mortals.

On Orcus Animus, there exists a balance between dungeon synth and atmospheric black metal with few touches of vocals in 3 tracks. The reason for this evolution is because the Sorceress Èrkyna has become darker and powerful with time and ferocity has become her soundtrack!

There will be a part two of this opus in the near future. Sorceress Èrkyna shall gather all the ingredients she needs; performing her first spell upon mankind who destroyed her and exiled her into the gloomy and murky forests.