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Meuse Music Records

RISE TO THE SKY - Every Day, A Funeral (TP 12")

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Official Meuse Music Records Test Pressings 

Copy #5/5

All are 140g black vinyls - 5 units of each have been produced, and all of them have been played once.

#1/5 comes with black inner sleeve(s) and a full black cardboard 350g/m² outer sleeve.

#2/5 to # 5/5 come with white poly-lined inner sleeve bag(s).

Each unit is labelled and numbered with the 'Test Pressing' label sticker on A and C + a sticker on each side with : ARTIST NAME – Album Title – Cat. Number - TEST PRESSING NR# (from #1/5 to #5/5).”

RISE TO THE SKY - Every Day, A Funeral (12") – m9music