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Dark Age Productions

TORCHLIGHT - The Fallen Leaves Tell A Story... (Tape)

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Full colour cover / dark smoke transparent tape.

Embark on an epic musical journey through the mystical realms of Elden Ring with 'The Fallen Leaves Tell a Story…”. Immerse yourself in a world where ancient prophecies, ethereal landscapes, and valorous battles intertwine, brought to life through a symphony of enchanting melodies and haunting harmonies. Step into a meticulously crafted world where each track serves as a gateway to a different point on the map, guiding you through a musical odyssey.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of fantasy and medieval lore, this musical journey weaves together intricate compositions that transport listeners to a realm teeming with mythical creatures, forgotten kingdoms, and the echoes of a forgotten past.

Let “The Fallen Leaves Tell a Story…” be your guide as you navigate this immersive musical map, where every note unveils a new destination that unlock the mysteries of Elden Ring.