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WINDS OF TRAGEDY - Hating Life (DigiCD)

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WINDS OF TRAGEDY is One-man Depressive Black/Doom Metal project from Santiago (Chile).
Sergio González Catalán takes the atmospheric styles of Black and Melodic Doom/Death Metal and mixes them together to create a sound of his own.

"Hating Life" is the second full length album after its debut in mid-2022.
The band explores the subject of depression through the most sincere and straightforward way through the seven tracks of the album.

Sergio says of the album: “I wrote this album during one of the lowest points in my life, my existence was miserable, and I was almost at a breaking point. I sincerely hope this album helps in some way other people that are coping with depression”.

"There is no reason to go on. I waste my life and often hate my existence. I have no voice or pride, broken life, but I'm still here.
I see no reason for my existence. I long to find one.
Suddenly, I’m awake and I realize that we died. I’m still breathing.
I can hear your voice."